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How to maintain laser cutter machine in winter

Time:Mar 23, 2016Author:Miya

It is not ending when you receive our laser cutter machine. We will show you the installion and operating of the machine.  As you know, maintaining of machine is important expect them, so now let's show you  the maintaince of water chiller.

1, By a carbon dioxide laser tube is water cooled, we had better control the temperature 25 degrees, because at this temperature when the energy of the strongest. In fact, anti-high temperature in summer and freezing in winter are important.
2, During the winter freeze, without the use of laser engraving machine, if the water did not put the laser tube clean ice layer can cause cooling laser tube expansion, split up laser cooling layer, resulting in the laser tube does not work. Winter laser tube cooling layer of the cracking is not within the scope of replacement. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please follow our recommendations do it.

3, How to freezing measures: Keep all laser cutting machine is powered off.
First, the laser tube of water, put a clean thoroughly with an air pump or compressor (small volume less than 0.3MP) and other auxiliary equipment. Thoroughly clean and then put water pipes inside the laser machine-related.
Customers using chiller or pump, chiller or can be placed in a high temperature to remove the pump room, in order to prevent water circulation device freeze, causing damage to the chiller water pump parts to bring you unnecessary trouble; or the chiller water or put a clean pump inside thoroughly.
Another point to note is to do not add antifreeze in the laser tube inside, antifreeze will affect the quality of light, the impact of heat, heat is not good, power and service life may be affected.

If you can afford to put the unit in a constant temperature environment.
Re-use, please do not open the water immediately after the laser work, wait about 20 degrees and then back on to the water cycle laser, to prevent excessive temperature difference caused by the laser tube burst, causing your unnecessary losses.
Don't try to open the chiller, it has been running in the device or when not in use, there are many security risks.
Be sure to check whether the water is done after each member as well as the residual water, residual water can also cause damage to related components, try to put a clean thoroughly to avoid unnecessary losses.

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