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How to choose the best CNC laser engraving machine

Time:May 21, 2015Author:Cody

CNC laser engraving machine is widely used for all kinds of industries.

1.Applicable industries:Advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model, building upholstery, computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry.

CNC laser engraving machine is mainly used for all kinds of non-metal materials

2.Applicable materials Wood, acrylic, leather, plastic, paper. PVC, plastic, textile, MDF etc

3.According to your materials, different power can cut different thickness. 

 50w can cut 6mm acrylic, 5mm wood, 4mm paper etc. 

 60w can cut 10mm acrylic, 8mm wood, 5mm paper etc. 

 80w can cut 15mm acrylic, 12mm wood, 7mm paper etc. 

 100w can cut 18mm acrylic, 15mm wood, 8mm paper etc. 

 130w can cut 20mm acrylic, 18mm wood, 10mm paper etc. 

 150w can cut 25mm acrylic, 18mm wood, 10mm paper etc.

We have many different working size, such as 900*600mm, 1200*900mm, 1300*900mm,1400*900mm,1300*2500mm,1600*2500mm.or we can manufacture customer requirements.

4.Main equipment: 

#. 80W/100W/130W/150W laser tube (Optional) 

 #. Honey comb/ Up and down/ Aluminum knife worktabl( Can choose)

 #. Water chiller CW3000/5000/5200, exhaust fan, air pump 

 #. Leadshine driver and stepper motor 

 #. Support Win7/ VISTA/ WINDOWS2000/ XP CNC laser engraving machine work for acrylic

CNC laser engraving machine work for textile

laser engraving machine work for textile


CNC laser engraving machine work for shoes

CNC laser engraving machine work for shoes


 #.One year guarantee

 #.We offer lifelong technical support by call, email,skype

 #. 24hour technical support by email or calling

 #. English CD and manual for machine using and maintainance.6.The advantage of our company

#.Our products are widely used in almost all the materials.

 #.Our Company is specialized in CNC router and laser machine manufacturing and selling. 

 #.There is no middle man and no agent, so the price is moderate. 

 #.Our machine with high precision and high reputation is the most reliable goods that you can choose.

 #.Our company has all kinds machines in store, the delivery time is much shorter than other companies.

 #.Our Company has international tech service office and provides 24 hours online service to help customers.

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