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Future development of the CNC Router Technology

Time:Apr 20, 2015Author:Sofia Gao

Future development of the CNC Router Technology

With the development of artificial intelligence in the field of computer, CNC router system introduce the adaptive control, fuzzy control and neural network control systems to improve the the performance and stability of the control system. To meet the needs of the market and the development of science and technology and achieve the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology of CNC technology, the world CNC technology and the equipment is developing which showed  in follow aspects:

1. Networked Nature: Make the remote operation and monitoring more convenient, as well as remote fault diagnosis and adjustments problems. This is not only better for large-scale modern factory to monitoring and maintenance their products, but also suitable for plant whose working environment is not allow operators to stay.

2. Smart Nature: With requirements of the smart automatic, CNC system become more and more smart which adapt to highly flexible manufacturing production. Intelligence not only throughout the entire process of production, but also through the after sale service and maintenance. That is the intelligent system not only in the machine working, but also in diagnose and repair that will lower the requirements of operator a lots.

3, High-speed, high efficiency, high precision and high reliability nature: To improve processing efficiency, we must improve the cutting speed and moving power firstly. At the same time we have to shorten the processing time; To ensure that the processing quality, we have to improve the moving accuracy of the machine, and the reliability is essential factor to achieve its goal. To make it come true, the advanced CNC systems 32-bit microprocessor have been adopt in the world widely and the speeds up to tens to hundreds, and the minimum setting could below unit is 1um, the highest speed could reached 240m / min. At the same time the world's advanced CNC control system trying best to improve the precision CNC system by reducing errors and the comepnsation technology.

 Science and technology is the primary forces of production. With the truth, a new generation of numerical control system technology has improved greatly. It is promote the development of CNC machine to higher precision, higher speed, more flexible direction as well as more automatically. Therefore, the development of CNC machine have a long way to go. Morn CNC router machine as the industry leader will continue to innovate for the modernization and intelligent way.

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