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England Customers Visit in Our Morn Factory

Time:May 03, 2018Author:Cherry

I met with our customers in our Morn Tech factory this week (early May 2018). They are a sweet couple are from England. An handsome husband and a beautiful wife. I am very happy to met them, as they are all kindly, cheerful, humor, and skill in laser machines. And I am very glad to hear them call me “Cherry” in nice voice before they ask questions each time.


They checked and test our Morn fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Fiber laser marking machine is mainly for kinds of metal products engraving. While CO2 laser machine is mainly for nonmetal products engraving and cutting.


This sweet couple are skill in the machines’ parts quality and operation. They checked a lot for the machines' details. And very satisfied with our machines' nice quality. If the machine could be lighter, then they will bring one set fiber laser marking machine together when they come back to UK by airplane. Finally, they decide to transport one set fiber laser marking machine by FedEx, and other machines transport by sea shipment.


As we export at the last ten years. We will delivery them nice quality machines on time, and will offer them professional after sale support and service.


Sincerely hope we could well cooperate and win-win long long time in the future.   

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