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CO2 laser machine maintain tips

Time:Jun 17, 2015Author:Cherry

As the CO2 laser machine have already widely used in all kinds of industries. In order to let you well use the CO2 laser machine, now Morn will share some maintain tips with you.



1. Laser tube bright with voltmeter have instructions:
1) The light is not normal, usually happened with the light section loosing and the laser tube is installed skew.
Check method: With same light correction
Solution: Change or adjust the laser light section, and correction the light road.
2) The power of laser tube is decrease, usually happened with the laser tube aging.
Check method: Use the universal voltmeter check voltage regulator, and use the high voltameter check the voltage of laser tube.
Solution: Change the aging laser tube, and change the damaged parts.
2. Laser tube of the laser machine is not bright
1) Voltmeter have instruction means the power lines are open, foot switch or hand switch bad contact.

Check method: Measure with multimeter
Solution: Repair or change the damage part
2) Voltmeter don’t have any instruction: usually happened the fuse blew, or the power lines are open.
Check method: Measure with multimeter
Solution: Change the fuse or connect the light road
3) Power instruction light are off : usually happened on the fuse blew, input lines bad contact or the instruction light broke down.
Check method: Check the fuse, power input line road and the instruction light loop
Solution: Change the fuse, repair the wire and change instruction light
4) Continuous burn out the fuse: usually happened on there have a short circuit in the machine, and the machine maybe have serious dirty things.
Check method: Check the lines step by step, mostly for high pressure part has a short circuit.
Solution: Repair the short circuit, clear pollution
5) Laser power output instability: usually happened with bad contact in machine, and the machine have some slight short-circuit point interrupted.
Check method: Check the lines step by step
Solution: Change the guide line, welding wide end again, clear the pollution


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