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Bangladesh customers reorder in Morn three times

Time:Sep 01, 2018Author:Cherry

Our Bangladesh customers visit our Morn factory again at this summer. We have cooperated three years. And this is the third time that this customer reorder our Morn laser engraving and cutting machines.


The customers are father and son. The father own two big factories in Bangladesh. The son is the member for one of their local band. Their factories are famous in their country. The bigger one factory with more than two hundred empolyees. Mainly for kinds of beautiful hand-made jute products. Such as braided rugs, table-top products, baskets, etc. After products finished, they are mainly export to USA.


Meantime, the father is often visit China for business. Some times, there with several times visiting each year. So he knew many Chinese cities well.


This time, they visit us in Jinan, and then to Wenzhou, Guangzhou. And then to USA for business working.

When they visit us in Jinan, they inspected our bigger CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. And learnt the machine operation. They are very clever, so learnt very quickly. Just used around two hours, then got it. Meantime, we showed them our other machines. Such as fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cleaning machine, fiber laser welding machine, etc.


We are very glad to meet them again in Jinan. And looking forward our further long term friendly cooperation in the future.      

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