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Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Time:May 05, 2016Author:Elena

                                                      Advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used for metal and non-metal material manufacture in world wide. Morn show you the advantage of fiber laser marking machine than any other marking machine. Kindly check below:
1. The use of pulsed fiber lasers, in the case where the pulse width of less than 30ns, peak power output up to 25kW, with nearly diffraction-limited beam quality M2 <1.5.

2. The laser all-fiber design ensures high reliability of the laser, without any optical element collimation adjustment.

3. The integrated design of the system allows customers to use more convenient, provides the ideal solution for a variety of industrial applications.

4. long life, compact, without bulky cooling system, simply cooled to. Under certain shock, vibration, high temperature or dust and other harsh environments to work properly.

5. The processing speed of traditional laser marking machine 2-3 times, excellent beam quality, small spot, marking a very narrow line width, suitable for fine marking.

6. The use of low cost, energy saving, the whole power is only 500W. Compared to lamp-pumped semiconductor laser marking machine and annual electricity savings of 2-3 million.

7. The integrated modular design, easy maintenance, small size. Saving you valuable plant space.

8. This is the fiber laser marking machine is widely used concrete manifestation.

Her show you laser machine pictures:

Samples pictures:

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