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The Best Way to Clean Rusty Metal

Time:Aug 03, 2018Author:Carry

If you’ve worked with steel or iron, you will be very familiar with rust. You will have an impressive armoury of wire brushes and chemicals to deal with it, and your sandblasting guy is probably in your speed-dial list.


Is there any way to clean rusty metal easily?

Yes, MORN fiber laser cleaning machine can realize your dream. High work efficiency and low cost.


Rust removal laser cleaning machine is a new generation of surface cleaning high-tech products. It is very easy to install, manipulate and achieve automate. Easy operation, you only turn on the power and open the device, machine will start to clean with no chemical reagents, no media, no dust and no water. With the advantage of manual adjustment and the focus, fit curved surface cleaning, good surface cleanliness and so on.


Follows are some advantages and applications of metal cleaning machine, this will help you know more about the machine:


1. Non-contact cleaning, does not damage the part substrate.

2. Precise cleaning for precise positioning and precise size selection.

3. Without any chemical cleaning solution, no supplies, safety and protect environment.

4. Simple operation, turn on the power, you can achieve automated cleaning by hand-held or with a robot.

5. High cleaning efficiency, saving time.

6. Laser cleaning system is stable, almost no maintenance.


Laser cleaning machine is professional for metal material cleaning, coated cleaning, etc. Such as carbon steel, stainless steel, coated products, etc. It is widely used in mold industry, military equipment industry, precision machinery industry, shipbuilding and marine engineering industry, construction machinery and heavy industry, car manufacturer industry, electronic and semiconductor industry, nuclear power plant industry, building facades and cultural relics protection industry, etc.


MORN Laser makes just such a tool, the laser rust removal metal surface cleaning machine, and the results are pretty impressive. The laser works by aiming high pulsed laser light at a rusty surface. Any corrosion will absorb the energy from the light and either flake or burn off. The solid surface underneath isn't as bothered by the energy, leaving a clean, bare surface behind.


Imagine how easily you will can fix your rusty old car with this amazing rust painting cleaning laser, it’s so exciting! Now contact us freely for more information.


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