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Laser engraving machine

Our laser engraving machines are mainly used for engraving on non-metal materials. They work great with wood, paper, leather, cloth, resin, acrylic, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, crystal, bamboo, organic glass, etc.
Please check out the different models we offer below – each one showcases just some of the many project possibilities. There are samples for engraving, acrylic cutting, paper cutting, leather cutting, plastic cutting, and glass engraving. Get inspired!

  • How to Make Money with a Laser Engraver for Cloth?

    Recently our company have been studying a project that how to process jeans with our CO2 laser engraving machine for cloth. The reason why we focus on this topic is that most jeans manufacturers use potassium permanganate to fade denim to create various styles. After all, modern people love man-made old jeans or even ripped jeans more than conventional ones......
  • How to Engrave a Leather Wallet with a CO2 Laser Engraving Machine?

    People are now not satisfied with using a wallet only to keep money and bank cards, but to express personality and aesthetics at the same time. Leather wallet is a kind of so classic work that has been loved for hundreds and even thousands of years since ancient times. And until nowadays, leather-made wallets are widely welcomed and are also reformed in style and production techniques, among which CO2 laser engraving machines have been adopted to engrave beautiful images and personalized patterns on the surfaces of leather......
  • How to Select a Proper CO2 Laser Engraving Machine?

    CO2 laser engraving machines have done a good job in non-metals engraving and cutting process. It’s an economical way to start or expand your business by a CO2 laser engraving machine that is outstanding in modern laser industries......
  • 6 Proposals for Starting a Laser Engraving Business

    If you are standing at a crossroads about start up your own business and fortunately you also have some knowledge on laser industry, then you can consider to invest a laser engraving business. Seriously speaking, you must prefer a business field that does not require so huge investment that beyond your financial capacity, yet it can be profitable in the near future. Laser engraving business can be your best choice from this perspective......
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