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Engraving and Cutting Materials

  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Metal Marking
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Stone
  • Leather
  • Metal Cutting

Metal is widely used in electronics, communication devices, IC chips, instruments, aerospace devices, jewelry, etc. Our fiber marking machine is the best for metal marking because it’s fast, efficient, and has the best effect.

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Metal cutting has gotten much more popular in recent years. Our fiber cutting machines are best suited for cutting metal, as they are fast and have a very sharp edge. View Details

For the acryliccutting, normaly, the cutting result depends on many factors. Such as thecomponents of the acrylic materials’ itself, acrylic materials’ thickness, thepower for the co2 laser tube, output power, cutting speed, the stability of thevoltage when the machine working, the quality and the cutting performance forthe laser machine, etc.

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Glass engraving and etching with a CO2 laser produces a beautiful frosted effect. The machine allows you to etch custom logos, designs and just about anything you want, on glass. The frosted effect will really make your design stand out!

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Using a laser to engrave words or drawing on wood is easy and looks beautiful. You can use it to make crafts as a gift, engrave family photos for happy memories, or even to cut model toys for your children.

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Laser cutting is an easy process that can be used for paper, paperboard, and cardboard for digital printing, packaging, prototype construction, model making, or scrapbooking. There is no limit to the designs you can make with paper! You can design a word, letter, logos, photographs, ornaments – the possibilities are endless! View Details

Laser machines from MORN are also widely used with plastic materials. Whether you want to use our machines to cut or engrave, they work great on plastic, polyethylene, and silicone. Get in touch, and we can recommend the best laser system for your application! View Details

With a laser engraving machine from MORN, you can mark detailed photographs and graphics directly on stone! View Details

Leather is extremely popular in high fashion because it is time consuming and costly to produce the leather cloth with designs – but not anymore! Using a laser engraving machine, more and more factories are producing beautiful and high quality leather cloth with incredible designs.

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Rubber engraving and cutting with a MORN laser machine will be highly precise and easy to operate. You can even design and produce your own rubber stamp with our software to use with our laser machines! View Details

Morn cut, engrave, and mark a variety of materials. To learn more about laser processing, select the material you wish to cut or engrave from the list. The list includes materials commonly processed on a laser.

For queries on other materials contact our Applications Specialist.​​

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