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MORN Factory history

Our goal is to create, innovate, maintain our industry leader position, and make every customer happy.


The Formative Years

In 1999, Mr. Li was using laser cutting machines to process gifts and crafts. However, the machines had a lot of problems: they didn’t have a lot of precision, they weren’t stable, and they weren’t very safe. He decided to overhaul the laser cutting machine to make it better and safer.


Foundation and Business Building

Since then, things have changed dramatically. In a small workshop in 2008, a revolutionized laser cutting machine was born: MORN. In addition to growing sales for the new laser machines, MORN imported professional engineers and sales teams year by year. The MORN business expanded quickly, and became a rising star in the industry.


A New Chapter

In 2010, with a lot of market demand and a great reputation from great customer service, MORN continued to grow. MORN relocated to the biggest laser machine production base: Jinan city, north of China. MORN produces laser machines that vary from CO2 to fiber laser, and regularly recruits recent graduates from the top universities to join the team. An advanced laser controlling lab has been established that is an industry leader in China.



MORN is committed to continuing the research and development of laser machinery. MORN has exported to more than 60 countries, and we work hard to preserve our outstanding



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