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CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine MT-L1390S
  • CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine MT-L1390S
  • CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine MT-L1390S
  • CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine MT-L1390S

CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine MT-L1390S

  • Model:  MT-L1390S
  • Working Size:  1300*900mm
  • Price:  $ 0.00 / Set      Price based on congiguration - Inquire Now
  • Supply Ability:  100 sets/month (goods in stock)
  • Payment Terms:  T/T, L/C, West Union

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The MT-L1390S has the following great features:

- Double laser heads : one head engraves on nonmetals, another one cuts metals and thicken nonmetals.

- One laser realizes two machines' function of engraving and cutting.

- RD auto following laser head with high efficiency.

- Laser tube with longer life 10,000 hours and higher laser power.

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    MT-L1390S CO2 Mix Laser Cutting Machine

    Laser Power

    130W-300W laser tube

    Laser Type

    CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled, 10.6um



    Cooling type


    Engraving Scanning Speed


    Max Moving Speed


    Cutting speed


    Laser Output Control

    laser work software

    Smallest Character Engraving

    Character2.0mm×2.0mm, English 1.0mm×1.0mm

    Highest Scanning Precision


    Locating Precision


    Supported File Format


    Compatible Software


    Color Separation


This CO2 mix laser cutting machine is the perfect marriage of low price and high quality. With this model, the MT-L1390S, the customer has choices depending on their needs, like a 130W, 150W, or 300W etc.

Smart and easy to use control system that supports offline operation

Strong steel laser head with red dot positioning (kindly noted: auto focus optional)

Water cooling system protect line, it can help  people to use the machine more safe.

Tool box which including many useful tools. That will help the users operate the machine much easier and helpful.

The MORN CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in various industries, including advertising, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, upholstery, embroidery, packaging, paper, etc.

The material possibilities are endless: fabrics, labels, paper boards, leather, embroidery, acrylic, wood, paper, rubber, plastic, marble, granite, stone, etc.

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