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How to prolong the lifetime of co2 laser engraving machine by right use the laser tube ?

Time:Nov 17, 2015Author:sofia

How to prolong the lifetime of co2 laser engraving machine by right use the laser tube ?

Do you have co2 laser engraving machine and trying to last it long? Do you know how to use the Co2 laser tube correctly? Morn here show you details about how to use co2 laser tube correctly and prolong the lifetime of your co2 laser machine.
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First, please connect the cooling water (water chiller or pump) to the laser tube and ensure the water in mouth of laser tube down and the out up to help the water flow smoothly. Adjusting the position of the outlet pipe to ensure full condenser cooling water is not there bubble tube, then turn on the power. Requirements: cooling water should use soft water (distilled or purified water), and please always pay attention to the cooling water temperature, the water temperature should be controlled in the range of 12-30 degrees. It can not be too high or too low, especially in the summer, once the water temperature is too high, please replacement of cooling water in time or it will break down the laser tube. In winter, the cooling water can not be frozen, especially after laser shutdown, may not allow the cooling water retention in the laser tube, so as not to cause cooling water freezes burst. (Special Note: The use of alternating current users, cooling water tank must be grounded);
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Second, the two support points of the co2 laser tube laser tube should be on the 1/4 place of the total length of the laser tube, to ensure that the flow of cooling water in the 2L-4L / min; otherwise the working accuracy will be worse and easy divided the laser spot and lower the power. The cooling water outlet mouth inside of the tank must be covered by water, otherwise laser tube will be unfulled every time and easy to damage the tube.

Third, Protect the laser output mouth carefully, avoiding the process (including the process of debugging the optical path) sputtered smoke generated to the output window surface to prevent contamination of the outer surface of the output window, power will decline, then the available cotton wool or silk Ethanol output dipped gently wipe the outer surface of the mouth.

Fourth, in the debugging process by adjusting the laser tube anchor or rotating laser tube orientation, to achieve the best output effect, then fix the laser tube.

Fifth, Ensure there is no accumulation of dust in the vicinity of high-voltage electrode, to keep dry, high-pressure metal farther away from the end as much as possible, to prevent the high voltage ignition discharge.

Sixth, during use, there can be formed within the cooling pipe scale, to avoid clogging the cooling water, the cooling effect of variation. Once found, the available 20% of dilute hydrochloric acid cleaning condenser, remove scale.

Seven, laser tube is made by glass, Fragile. When installed, avoid local stress.

Eight, use the laser tube reasonably, save laser energy consumption, the best output power of is under eighty percent.

Above is the main cation to use the laser tube and if you use it carefully, your machine will be last longer and bring you more profit. 

If you do not have a laser cutter machine or you need a new one, please no hesitate to contact with MORN. As a professional co2 laser engraving machine manufacture since 2003, MORNTECH is always your best choice!

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