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Acrylic Gifts – Christmas Countdown

Do you want to send your friends and family thoughtful, handmade gifts? Use a laser cutting machine to make them! This Christmas Countdown Plaque will be a great addition to your holiday decorations this Christmas.


    Materials Needed

    1/8" thick 24" x 12" black acrylic

    1/8" thick 24" x 12" white acrylic

    1/8" thick 24" x 12" clear acrylic

    Roll of 3M double-sided sticky tape

    Acrylic or plastic glue

    Light blue spray paint

    2" Heavy duty adhesive velcro


Speed:20mm/s Power:60%


  • 1

    1. Start by covering an area of 16" x 12" with tape on the back of the black acrylic sheet (the yellow-orange area pictured to the right in Figure A).

    2. Open the file and send it to your laser using the appropriate settings for cutting 1/8" acrylic.

  • 2
    3. Now, prepare the clear sheet of acrylic for cutting by first painting one side with the light blue spray paint (two coats should work).

    4. Once the clear acrylic has finished drying, place the acrylic sheet into the machine with the painted side down.

    5. Open the countdown_file2.cdr and send the file to the laser using the appropriate settings.

  • 3
    6. Start by covering a 3.75" x 5.75" area on the back side of the white acrylic with the adhesive Velcro (corresponding to the blue rectangle in Figure C).

    7. Then cover the rest of area around the Velcro with double sided sticky tape (the yellow-orange area pictured in Figure C).

    8. Now place the Velcro and tape side face down into your laser system. Open the file and send it to the system using the appropriate settings.

    9. Enjoy!



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